Helping Our Rabbit Rescue Centres

Earlier this month we paid a visit to one of our local rabbit recues, Furlock Holmes based in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Our primary reason for visiting was to deliver a donation of toys, treats, forage and hay for their rescue rabbits and guinea pigs. We had a guided tour by volunteer Lindsey and had the opportunity to meet some of their special residents. Besides rabbits and guinea pigs, the rescue centre is also home to other small animals including tortoises, ferrets and ducks.


Donation To Furlock Holmes


Visiting a rescue centre like Furlock Holmes made us only too aware of the vast numbers of unwanted, abandoned, neglected and mistreated animals out there. Furlock normally house between 30 and 50 rabbits. Currently, the centre has a further 40 or so rabbits waiting to enter the rescue when they have the space available.

Remember, it is always best to adopt rabbits from a rescue rather than buy from breeders or pet shops. When we adopted our two rabbits, Ross and Chandler, they were neutered, vaccinated and bonded. This makes life so much easier for you and your bunnies!


If you are looking to adopt a rabbit, check out the links below:

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