Raising Money for UK Rabbit Rescues

We are currently raising funds to help support UK rabbit rescues. If you aren't aware, here in the UK we are facing a rabbit crisis. The numbers of rabbits being abandoned and given away is at an all time high. This means rabbits are being euthanised, dumped at roadsides to die or used for snake food or dog fight baiting.

We read about rescues up and down the country full to capacity. Many are inundated with surrender requests too. When an emergency situation arises rescues have their hands tied as they just don't have the space for more rabbits.

At Binky Brothers we are trying to support our much needed rescues as much as possible. Our lovely neighbour, Jean, makes the most amazing knitted animals which she kindly donates to us to sell on. ALL proceeds from these sales will go to UK rabbit rescues. 

Our first charity to benefit from our knitted toys is Hannah's Guinea Pig Sanctuary which helps rescue both rabbits and guinea pigs. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jean for donating her time and her knitted animals, and for everyone who has bought a toy so far.

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