Love Country 'Dreaming of a White Christmas' Hedgehog Christmas Card - Binky Brothers
Love Country

Love Country 'Dreaming of a White Christmas' Hedgehog Christmas Card

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Gorgeous Christmas card from an original watercolour painting by Love Country artist Sarah Reilly.

Each design has a poem on the reverse of the card written by Sarah making it a truly unique item.

Printed in England on sustainable quality board.

Message inside reads: "Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year".

Envelope included.

Size: 159mm x 159mm


 Dreaming of a White Christmas

Between the ancient roots of an old oak tree
Nestled in a bed of moss and copper-coloured leaves
Lays a little hedgehog as snuggled warm as can be
The cold winter wind whistles as he softly sleeps
As the inky midnight sky twinkles with a thousand stars
Silver frost creeps silently over the fields and hedgerows
The frosty moon hangs quietly watching from afar
Soundly asleep he twitches his feet and tiny nose
He is dreaming of a magically white Christmas
A joyful day of feasting to be enjoyed by all
The majestic barn owl glides silently past overhead
As little hedgehog sleeps on delicate snowflakes being to fall..

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